The Brand

HB Jewellery wants people to start connections with family and friends. In history sentimental jewellery has kept our connections with the past, through gift-giving HB jewellery creates connections between people.

The Jewellery is hand designed and made by Hayley and it lets you select what you like in a more bespoke way. This is what Hayley wants for the Future of the brand.

Supported by the Prince's Trust.

The Designer

Hayley as a young designer is still in the infancy of her craft but she is wanting to share her creative flair with you.

Hayley Studied Jewellery Materials and Design at Sheffield Hallam University where she received a BA honours. This helped her achieve her goals to run her own jewellery business.

Hayley grew up in the Peak District and allows that to inspire her textures and shapes. Being in the Peak District she has family and community around her which fuels her gift-giving jewellery.