The Craft


Hayley's style is wanting to push the boundaries of Commercial jewellery and create something with sentimental meaning to someone.

Hayley designs on paper first and then create 3D models in paper or metal so she can have a feel for what the idea may become in the future. She wants to create small and limited collections so that every jewellery piece is bespoke and one-off.



Every item is made with semi-precious materials, even down to the earring pins are made from Sterling silver.

The materials used by HB jewellery are all UK based, All scrap silver is recycled to make other items.

The jewellery boxes which get sent out are made from recycled materials and haven't been artificially dyed. The raw gemstones used are a reference to one-off because each stone is a different shape.

Each item can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth and if needed silver polish to get rid of tarnishing.